I am writing just to "Thank You" for making such wonderful quality products. The taste is good and makes me think of my family, it satisfies my long-time craving for home cook, You guys are the best! Keep up the great work! — from one grateful customer.
Susan Lee
Mom, 28
I’ve been watching my weight steadily increase over the years. But after the order from your catering, everything is a wonder to me, less salt and much healthy version for a simple yet yummy home-cook food. Thank you Mom Catering for such delightful Asia food.
Kealyn Tan, 28
Hr Executive
As a family-run and operated business, Mom Catering offers a variety of savory dishes, from the simple fresh organic white radish with prime rib soup to asparagus with clams.. the taste of foods is so simply yummy. The taste that I will look forwards to every day.
Micheal Low
Manager, 25
Thank you for all of your hard work and a fantastic meal." for the excellent job of Catering. I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I just wanted to thank you, my daughter, thought it was the best thing she's ever tasted. I wanted to personally say thank you! The staff was great they did everything perfectly for our home party. Your wonderful Customer Service from the ordering side to the delivery of Delicious Food made our event special!
Marcus Koh
38, Founder of Steel Forming Pte Ltd
With all choices to choose from your menu, it's easy and convenient to have homecooked-style meals every day thru Mom Catering. I personally love the braised tofu as it makes me think of younger days how my ah ma cooked this weekly for our family gathering
Jenny Lim
32, Sales & Operation Manage
Deliver only the freshest and most nutritious food right to my door. Which Mom Catering Foods is scrumptious and extremely healthy and free from MSG. My folks at home always looking forwards to your food delivery. This is becoming our family favorite tingkat for healthy choices. Staying true to this, they prepare meals using only the freshest, good ingredients that are delivered daily for their meal preparation." "Thumb Up! Please keep this standard forever.."
Sabrina Gan
Mummy of 4 childrens and folks at home
Less salt, less oil, and no MSG are some of the options that I'm always looking at. I am at first unsure over the ordering, but I still give it a try after that. The majority of their dishes are made with fish, chicken. Besides, the quantity is enough for one so it is also a value-for-money choice. For the flavoursome, aromatic and nice-feel kind of same as your mummy cooked. If you are looking for nostalgia delicacies that have a hearty home-cooked feel, it is strongly recommended that you look no further. I make a good choices for this, Thank you Mom Catering for keeping my doubt off my mind.
Karen Moi
39, Hair stylist
I always enjoy the food at mom catering. Food always arrives on time at 5pm and is still warm when eaten. I love that their food menu is always so varied and consists of different cuisines Food is always nice and yummy plus so homely taste.
25, Administrative work
Excellent caterer with a variety of dishes. The dishes are of good quality. Highly recommended to order from them. Generally, the food was delicious but the portions were slightly not much. The only setback is the soups which are not very tasty and can be better.
John mak
34, Executive
I like the variety of dishes and their food is not too salty, got the home-cooked feeling. My family loved their braised chicken with eggs and the rice is well cooked. I love it when is super mummy feel.
Lena Wong
30, Teacher
I was glad that the dishes were flavorful without being overly reliant on seasoning. The soups and meat dishes, in particular, tasted home-cooked and were tasty from MOM Catering
34, Logistics
After all doubts. I'm surprised the food presentation looks appetizing, taste-wise is super homely, and impressed by the soup is so nice. With numerous tingkat options available (even one for the elderly!), it's easy and convenient to have homecooked-style meals every day from MOM Catering
Kimberly chan
29, Sales Executive
Highly recommend this catering company in Singapore, Find out more Mom Catering Review, Testimonials.
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